Monday, May 24, 2010

A Good Read

As I reread the goal of the Catholic Etsy Artists Guild, these lines jump off the page:

"We may or may not produce art with Catholic themes but are expressing our God given creativity through our art...[We] provide beauty and craftmaship in a world where commerce has lowered its standards and artistic value has been cheapened."

Recently, I have had the opportunity to read Mary Gildersleeve's In His Image: Nurturing Creativity in the Heart of Your Home. Mrs. Gildersleeve's thesis states, and rightly so, that we have a natural desire and indeed an obligation to develop our own creativity in order that we may reflect to others The Creator in whose image and likeness we were made. Although we cannot create in God's terms, which is making something out of nothing, we can and should take the gifts and materials which He provides us and use them to bring beauty to the world.

In His Image is an excellent explanation of this concept, one that can renew in us a desire to reveal God's beauty through our arts and crafts.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I have got to get this book and read it and share it with others.