Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garden of Francis Introduction

Greetings in Christ!

Our shop on Etsy is an extension of our work at Garden of Francis where we can best focus on the handmade, natural items that we love so much.

Our small family Montessori-homeschools, strives to enjoy the life that God has given us while maintaining simplicity and a return to all-natural materials (the computer exempted!). I am a Catholic single mother so the emphasis on family is absolutely key. My son's items will also be posted as his abilities increase - he is looking forward to contributing to the family finances as well :) What a little man!

What inspired you to start an Etsy Shop?
I love how Etsy focuses on the handmade nature of items, and there is a large community within Etsy which seems to be be more centered around beauty and natural materials. Etsy seems the perfect match the ideals of our main store and allows us another venue to sell our homemade soaps, modest clothing, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and other handmade materials.

Tell us about your art:
Our work serves a function as well as being a thing of beauty. While some would say that modest clothing is not an art form, I disagree. Modest clothing decorates the Temple of the Holy Spirit. The simplicity of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd materials are a beauty within themselves, but also point to a greater beauty: the Creator Himself.

Some photos of our available or soon-to-be-available work:

Where do you create?
We create our items everywhere in our home - every room serves a purpose towards our work. seat to knit or sew.

Do you sell your work anywhere else?
I also sell our materials in person, on various homeschool boards, and at Garden of Francis - Main Website

What is your favorite devotion?
Our favorite devotions are with St. Francis and St. Michael the Archangel. We need the protection and guidance of these two saints. St. Joseph protects our family as well; we beg the intercession of all the angels and saints to keep us on the right path towards Heaven.

The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence.
The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.
~Maria Montessori

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