Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Feature: St. Bernard and Rosa Mystica

Today, August 20th, is the Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux who died in 1153. A well-educated man, he and 12 others founded the monastery of Clairvaux in the Diocese of Champagne in France. Over time, he became well known in Europe and advised popes and political leaders. He had a special love for Mary and promoted the Memorare. He has been named one of the Doctors of the Church for his eloquent and persuasive defense of the Faith. He is the patron saint of skiers, mountain climbers, beekeepers, and candle makers.

Susan at Rosa Mystica has made a mold from a vintage piece depicting St. Bernard in the mountains. She cast from this mold a fine silver medal of the good saint. What a wonderful name sake gift for a baptism or confirmation!

Rosa Mystica also sells vintage and antique medals and presently has 103 items in her shop. Do take a look at to see if she has just the medal you have been looking for.

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