Tuesday, August 17, 2010

St. Helena and a Treasury devoted to the True Cross

Tomorrow is the feast day of one of my favorite female saints, St. Helena. Her main claim to fame is being the person who was blessed to have discovered the True Cross of Christ. Catholic.org offers the following bio for St. Helena:

St. Helena was the Empress mother of Constantine the Great. She was a native of Bithynia, who married the then Roman general Constantius I Chlorus about 270. Constantine was born soon after, and in 293, Constantius was made Caesar, or junior emperor. He divorced Helena to marry co Emperor Maximian’s stepdaughter. Constantine became emperor in 312 after the fateful victory at Milvian Bridge, and Helena was named Augusta, or empress. She converted to Christianity and performed many acts of charity, including building churches in Rome and in the Holy Land. On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Helena discovered the True Cross. She is believed to have died in Nicomedia. Her porphyry sarcophagus is in the Vatican Museum. Geoffrey of Monmouth, England, started the legend that Helena was the daughter of the king of Colchester, a tradition no longer upheld. In liturgical art Helena is depicted as an empress, holding a cross.

In honor of this amazing woman and her devotion to the True Cross, here are some of the my favorite items from the Catholic Etsy Artists Guild inspired by the cross of our Lord.

Saint Helena, pray for us!

God Bless!

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  1. Great post on Saint Helena! She is one of our great intercessors
    God Bless
    Linda, cedarcreektreasures