Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Feature: Fall Craft Shows and Mary's Shelter

Here in Fredericksburg, VA, Fall is slowly approaching and with it arrives all sorts of craft fairs. Usually, the table or space fee for these fairs is cost prohibitive, but tomorrow the locals have an opportunity to share their wares at a reasonable cost. Fiberfads, Gracehill's second Etsy shop, will be doing just that with a wonderful group called Mary's Shelter in mind.

Mary's Shelter is a local organization that aids women in crisis pregnancies. Presently, three Fredericksburg homes are dedicated for the purpose of providing housing, food, education, child care, and pre- peri- and post-natal assistance to women who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. Through this beautiful ministry, these women and their children see the face of Christ. To find out more about this charity, go to

Here is a glimpse of some items being donated for the sale:


  1. Another great post, Adele! God Bless you for the work you do to support Mary's Shelter!

  2. Thank you Ann. I will report back to let everyone know how the craft fair goes.

  3. Great post! You are inspiring me!