Wednesday, October 27, 2010

StAnnesPixies ~ Introducing Myself

Hi, I'm a crafty homemaking home educator ~ in whatever order you prefer. As one radio personality put it, with all the hats "stay at home moms" wear, I could earn money in the double digits. Housekeeper, sometimes cook (my hubby definitely helps out here), teacher, child care specialist, therapist, counsellor, drill sargent, amateur homeopath, artisan and on and on. My role as artisan is the only one that I officially get paid for. I like it that way. My life as a stay at home mom affords more satisfaction than I ever got having a career outside the home.

I enjoy singing, painting and sewing to name a few of my other interests. I have a college liberal arts degree in History. However, I wonder why I didn't major in English Literature. I was born Catholic but only discovered the fullness of the Faith after childhood. There is so much depth to the Catholic Faith. So much to be thankful for.

A friend inspired me to open my shop. She was going to sell secular Waldorfy-type toys. She encouraged me to list some of my wool felt fairy dolls that I had made for my children the previous Christmas. When I first began making them I enjoyed making them so much that I was afraid we would have a house full of these little dolls. Where would I put them all?? So, the prospect of making them for money ~ well, that was too good to be true!
My store name is a little unusual. Not initially intending to have a Catholic store, I wanted a name that showed my devotion to my Faith but also had some whimsy to it. So, I chose St. Anne as my patron since she is the patron of needlework as well as housewives. The Pixies part of my name was for my fairy dolls and to "whimsify" the name. Over time I realized that, while many were selling fairy dolls, saint dolls were much harder to come by. The mass marketed ones that existed were either rather expensive or kinda limited. I experimented with different patterns and was able to start creating different saints. Then I decided to make some wood peg dolls that were "simpler". Again, there were many sellers on Etsy selling all manner of peg dolls so coming up with the idea to make saints from them wasn't too hard. Also, I consider my store somewhat of a tool for evangelization. I include a little biography on the saints I make in the hopes that some will come read them and be edified. Someone might have reason to come back to a faith they found obscured over the years.
I make my dolls wherever. I wander around the house making and embroidering while giving direction to children and helping with schoolwork. I paint at the kitchen table or at my kitchen counter. Sometimes I bring my little bag to the playground or gym practice and work there. I find the time when I can.
I only sell my work online right now as any other way is a big inconvenience to my family. I am indispensable and proud of it. I'm not another cog in the wheel of some corporation that views my femininity as somewhat of an impediment. I am a fruitful vine. This is a privilege.
Some of my favorite devotions are St. Faustina's Divine Mercy Chaplet. I also like the book "Love, Peace and Joy" by St. Gertrude the Great. One quote I try to remember is from Blessed Mother Teresa: "Its not how much you do, its with how much love you do it."
The pictures here are items I have created. The first is an Autumn Faerie Queene doll. I created her because Autumn is my favorite season. Next, is an Annunication set I custom made for someone. Third is a bendable wool felt doll of Blessed Kateri the American Indian. Next is Saint Michael the Archangel. The last is a Saint Joan of Arc playset with a horse and standard. Thanks for looking and God bless!


  1. You're a blessing to our team, Jen! Thanks for letting us see what inspires you, and letting us get to know you a little better! :)

    God Bless!

  2. I love your work. Faithful and whimsical - a great combination

  3. Thank you both! This is who I am. Faithful and whimsical may seem contradictory terms but are definitely words that describe me. "Above all else to thine own self be true . . "

  4. Hey Jen, thanks for sharing with us a little about who you are and what you do. You do wonderful work. God Bless, Linda

  5. Love, peace and Joy is a great book, I have read it too!