Friday, November 5, 2010

Hi! I'm Rose (AKA: Artist4God)!


Hi everyone! I am a brand new member of ETSY (since my birthday on October 21st of 2010) and of the Catholic Etsy Artist Guild. It is so nice to be acquainted with so many wonderful Catholic artists! My "real" name is not Artist4God (tee hee) but Rose Santuci-Sofranko.

I am a very happily Married, 49 year old Pro-Life photographer and artist. Me and my wonderful husband, Paul, met on the great online singles site: Catholic Match. We got engaged for the Feast of The Immaculate Conception in 2007, and were married just 3 months later for the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday (March 29th, 2008). We both love the Divine Mercy Devotion and were brought together by our Merciful Lord and many "God-Incidences" through the intercession of our parents in Heaven.


Ah, good question! I have been trying to make some additional income for me and my husband on several other online sites (see "Where I sell my work" below) but wasn't having a whole lot of success. Several of my online friends tried to convince me to try ETSY, but I (wrongly) thought it cost too much. After recently "bantering" back and forth with them on Facebook I decided to REALLY check out ETSY this time and was impressed by it, and the LOW costs involved in opening a shop. So, I decided to give it a try! I have lots more photographs, note cards, jewelry and other items to upload, so please "stay tuned" for more!


I started out as a Pen & Ink artist, but always long to create things that more closely captured our Lord's beautiful creations. So, when I got my first digital camera I realized that I had found my "niche" and could more closely capture the beauties of nature, and other items. Then I discovered the "Special Effects" on my Photography programs on my computer and "went wild" creating digital kaleidoscopes, warps, and more from the photographs I had taken. If you look closely you can see the intricate details in each flower, bird, much better as they are repeated multiple times in each of my artistic creations! Our Lord is SUCH an amazing Artist, isn't He?

I also like to do Paper Crafts and hope to include some Origami and Quilling, etc... on my shop, as well as some beaded jewelry I have created. Such fun!

I have "Self-Published" several photography and/or prayer books through and have a list of more that I am hoping to complete in the near future. Please see below for links to my books and other sites.


My new ETSY shop "GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST" is found at:

I just got my own "Domain Name" and I am beyond pleased with that, as it is a pain to work on a website only to have it be "shut down" by the server (as in AOL's free websites). So, I'm hoping my new site will be around for years to come! Please check out my site, which includes hundreds of my photographs (many more to come), Forums, links to other "Artists4God", links to more of my online stores and galleries (some not listed here) and so much more! It is at:

I also have over 900 of my photographs and other computer created designs (Catholic, Pro-Life, and many more genres) for sale on 27 different types of products (clothing, mugs, tote bags, mouse pads, stickers, buttons & more!) on my store with Virtuous Planet. PLEASE check it out for your Christmas, Birthday, and other shopping needs. It is at:


My "Joyful Jewels", "Roses for our Lord and Lady", and my "Snapshot of WNY" Books can be found at:

And my "Works of Mercy" Book may be found at:

A percentage of ALL sales from my sites will go to the poor, homeless and young.


Wow, there's definitely more than 1...I love Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, The Divine Mercy and The Rosary...and too many more to list.

Thank you very much for checking out my short (well, maybe not so short) introduction. Hope to "see" you at my various shops and galleries! God bless you and yours!


  1. It is wonderful to formally meet you Rose! Great Work!

  2. Thank you so much, Linda! It so nice to meet you and the others in this group...such a kind group of Catholic artisans!

  3. Hi Rose! It's great to learn more about you! We're so happy to have you on the team!
    God Bless!

  4. Wonderful to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you so much! You are very welcome. And thank you for letting me join your team. God bless!