Sunday, January 16, 2011

St Joseph

He made his lord of his household,
And prince of all his possessions (Feast Day March 19th)


Once, on the Feast of the Annunciation, St. Gertrude had a vision during which the Heavenly Mother revealed to her the glory of her spouse, St. Joseph, in order to awaken in the Saint a greater love for him and to encourage her to have confidence in his intercession.

Of this vision St. Gertrude wrote:

"I saw Heaven opened and St. Joseph sitting upon a magnificent throne. I felt myself wonderfully affected when, each time his name was mentioned, all the Saints made a profound inclination toward him, showing by the serenity and sweetness of their looks that they rejoiced with him on account of his exalted dignity."

There are three reasons why St. Joseph is the special patron of the dying:

1) He is the foster father of the Eternal Judge, Who can refuse him no request.
2) He is terrible to the demons; the Church calls him
the Terror of demons and Conqueror of Hell.
3) His own death was most beautiful, for he died in the arms
of Jesus and Mary; this is the principal reason why he is the
patron of a happy death; the death no other Saint was so happy,
so glorious. St. Francis de Sales was of the opinion that
St. Joseph died of the love of God; St. Alphonsus Liguori
considered this most reasonable.

Ven. Mary of Agreda says that before his death St Joseph experienced a rapture during which he beheld the Divine Essence,The Face od God,His Glory,which Moses had in vain asked to see(Ex33:18,20)

Prayer to Saint Joseph to Obtain a Special Favor

O BLESSED ST. JOSEPH, tenderhearted Father,
faithful guardian of Jesus, chaste spouse of the Mother of God,
I pray and beseech thee to offer to God the Father,
His Divine Son, bathed in Blood on the Cross for sinners,
and through the thrice Holy Name of Jesus,
obtain for us from the Eternal Father, the favor we implore (Name your request)

Appease the Divine anger so justly inflamed by our crimes; beg of Jesus mercy for your children. Amid the splendors of eternity, forget not the sorrows of those who suffer, those who pray, those who weep; stay the almighty arm which smites us, that by your prayers and those of your most holy Spouse the Heart of Jesus may be moved to pity and to pardon. Amen.

IN the miseries of this vale of tears, to whom shall we have recourse, O blessed Joseph, if not to thee, to whom thy beloved spouse Mary entrusted all her rich treasures, that thou might keep them to our advantage? "go to my spouse, Joseph," Mary seems to say to us, "and he will comfort you, he will deliver you from the misfortunes which now oppress you and will make you happy and contented" Have pity on us, therefore, O St. Joseph; have pity on us through that love which thou didst cherish toward a spouse so worthy and amiable.

Our Father . . . Hail Mary . . . Glory Be . . .

We are fully conscious that we have offended the justice of God by our sins and deserve His most severe chastisements. Not what shall be our place of refuge? "go to Joseph," Jesus seems to say to us; "Go to Joseph, in whom I was well pleased and whom I had for My foster father. To him, as to a father, I have communicated all power, that he may use it for your good according to his own desire." Pity us, therefore, O blessed Joseph, pity us, for the great love thou didst bear toward a Son so admirable and so dear.

Our Father . . . Hail Mary . . . Glory Be . . .

Unhappily the sins we have committed call down upon the heaviest scourges: this we must confess. In what ark shall we take refuge in order to be saved? Where shall we find the blessed rainbow that shall give us comfort and hope in the midst of our afflictions? "Go to Joseph," the Eternal father seems to say to us: "Go to him who took My place on earth with regard to My Son made man. I entrusted to his keeping My Son, who is the unfailing source of grace; therefore, every grace is in his hands." Pity us, then, dear St. Joseph, pity us by thy great love for Almighty God, Who has been so generous to thee.

Our Father . . . Hail Mary . . . Glory Be . . .

From the Booklet, Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

I am making this post for the amazing favor recieved from St Joseph last week after petitioning him saying the above 2 prayers for a month!
I do hope everyone will be inspired to petition him even for things that you think are quite impossible at this point in your life!


  1. Yay San Giuseppe! I love this saint so much! Every Mar. 19th my family hosts a traditional Italian San Giuseppe Feast in his honor. He is a heavy hitter up in heaven, too! Any time I've gone to St. Joseph in prayer, he's always interceded for me. Thanks, Maria, for this beautiful post about him!:)

  2. Thank you for sharing the prayer, wonderful prayer