Monday, January 31, 2011

YouTube Movie watch

With the advent of internet compatible TV I think most of us are watching You Tube videos on our HD TV's.

I just wanted to add few YouTube Catholic movies that can bring amazing enlightenment about the saints.
The first one that is available is History channel 's St Peter

The series has 21 parts and this user ( ) has all the part to it -it's a very uplifting movie and shows the immense sacrifices that the early Christians had to undergo for their faith and in turn for us the new generation catholics!

the 2nd movie is the little known(I didnt know this) of St John and how the Revelation was given to him on the Island on Pathmos where he was kept a prisoner

The same user has all the 10 parts.
Must Watch!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It is hard to find good things to watch these days!

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  3. My friend and I can't wait to watch these! Thank you so much for posting! Especially the one about Revelations - we are taking a Bible Study on Revelations this summer!