Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Protestant Rosary

Cobalt Blue Anglican/Protestant to check it out at the shop!
Hi Tammy from "Righteous Rosaries & Gifts" writing to you!

I met a new friend online and somehow through a bit of a tough beginning of our friendship, we hit it off and became friends very fast. She gave me some food for thought, that I had lovely products, but what about the rest of us, like our brothers and sisters of the Protestant faith. She suggested that I make bracelets and prayers beads for my next projects. Her idea for the bracelets was to call them "Faith Bracelets", I loved that idea.

Eager to please and delve head first into a new market area, I made this Christian Rosary last night. I turned out to be easy and I copied the instructions from a fellow Rosary Artisan. Voila, in my hands was a lovely 6mm cobalt blue AB czech beads with 10 mm lampwork paters and a tibetan silver cross. The picture is the finished product.

What do you guys think of making not just Catholic, but also Protestant products? I think if we can encourage prayers, they it all goes to the glory of our Lord!


  1. I think this is a really great idea. It is wonderful to crater to all types of Christians in an effort to celebrate our similarities, our love and belief in Christ.

  2. Hey Robin, I agree with you 100%. These Anglican Rosaries make it a bridge between us that can just draw more believers into prayer and living out our Faith together, not separate or better then each other. Rather loving and helping to understand the differences by celebrating the similarities!

  3. I also agree with you 100%. It would be like spreading the Good News to every faith, especially the protestant denominations. Jesus would be so pleased. The Catholics and Protestants both believe in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour~I agree with Tammy~she worded it so nicely! Wonderful idea! God bless, Rose