Friday, April 8, 2011

St Jude's Creations Handmade flowers introduction

I have not introduced myself yet even though I am one of the admin of the group:-)

My name is Maria Noble and I run stjudescreations a handmade flower shop for all wedding and party needs.

Born into a catholic family catholicism was ingrained into me at a very young age.We had many youth groups of which I was part of and thus I found Christ through a Catholic Charismatic movement.I am a John Paul II product I guess.My favorite prayer is the Rosary and my favorite saint is ST Jude of course being my patron saint of my shop.God has immensely blessed me especially through St Jude.My husband name is Jude btw :-)

I am married with 2 beautiful children a now 5 yr old girl Ann and a 3 yr old Joseph so things do get hectic at home juggling everything.

Here are a few of my items I create! You can browse my site on the top left.

Cake toppers

Huge paper flower for store displays

Wedding bouquets

I am doing a promotion..Like me on facebook by clicking here and one random fan will be picked for a 20% off coupon code on any items here.Fan count is now 32.Offer expires when fancount reaches 100.
If you are already a fan then a post to facebook of any of my products will qualify for an entry.
Please leave a post on my facebook page mentioning the post.

My blog is at
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Thank you!


  1. I love your work! Wonderful promotion, too!

    Just wanted to let you know, too, about a handmade Catholic giveaway over at my blog. Feel free to let the group know about it since I know you all appreciate handcrafted goodness!

  2. Very nice and unique. How I wish you could share some in Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro. Indeed beautiful things are made by hands given by God.