Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to our WhisperingOak

WhisperingOak is nestled under beautiful California native oaks that give us inspiration. It has always been tradition in our family to sit around the table on a Saturday afternoon and work on crafts. Many times you could find three generations working together while drinking coffee.

We created beautiful things to decorate our home. Children and adults alike enjoyed the different items that decorated our home for holidays, birthday celebrations, changes in seasons, and more. This created a tradition that brought us happiness and gratefulnes for every day we were able to celebrate.

Our grandmother taught us how to make paper flowers and other paper crafts. My grandmother learned from her mother. My mother learned the delicate arts of embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitching, sewing and painting from nuns in her Catholic school. Her teachers were nuns that had come from various countries in Europe, such as, Portugal, Spain and Italy. To this day, my mother buys books and self teaches new techniques.

Since neighbors and friends have always admired our crafts and the way we celebrate the seaons in our home, I decided to open our store on Etsy and share with everybody. My mother is the main artist. My sisters and I add our talent and designs to our items.

We thank our followers and buyers for the appreciation and love they have shared with us and the warm welcome they gave us to Etsy. We also thank CEAG for the support and friendship that the team has given us.

We are close to selling our 100th item. To celebrate and thank our buyers, we would like to offer a gift with purchase. When the counter at Etsy turns to 100th item sold, we will ship the lucky buyer a Pink Blossoms Couple for free. So, come and visit us.

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