Friday, January 16, 2015

The beauty of collage

They say that drawing is the basis of art.  I don't know if they are right, but I do know that my personal art exploration began with doodles I made while lying on the floor of my bedroom.  I was three years old.

Many years have passed, and I still enjoy the immediacy and simplicity of drawing.  But I have also come to revel in the excitement of translating a drawing into another medium.  For the past few months, I have been exploring the medium of collage.  I have a cutting machine that follows the exact contours of my drawings, so it is easy to try out different colors and textures of paper.

These are a couple of pieces currently available in my Etsy store.  The first is entitled Immaculate Conception.  Here, Mary is cut out of navy blue vinyl.  The scene is mounted on white cold press paper, and the paper is mounted on brown corrugate.  I adore this combination of color and texture, and it obviously did not occur to me until I had translated my original drawing to collage!

You will recognize this image as the Immaculata, with Mary standing on a crescent moon.  She crushes the head of the serpent, as foretold in Genesis Chapter 3.  Twelve stars circle her head like a crown, as they do in Revelation Chapter 12.

The second piece is entitled Holy Mother and Child.  I used multiple paper types to differentiate the flesh, fabric and halos.  The entire image is mounted on red cork.  The contrast between the hot press paper, the glitter-paper and the cork is pleasing.  The primary colors work nicely together, and the red could be seen to foreshadow the Passion.  This is a possibility that was not remotely apparent when I began with a black and white drawing.

I love the tender moment between Mary and the Infant Christ.  He nuzzles her forehead, and she gently holds His little arm.  Their two halos overlap, almost becoming one....

The little child makes me think back once more to the three-year-old boy who sat on his bedroom floor and made drawings of the pictures in his head.  Guess what?  He's still happily working!

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